Our Work

Where might you have seen our work before? We’ve been blessed to partner with some of the most respected ministries and businesses around. Here are a few:

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“John is able to take my notes and big ideas and create strong content that really speaks to the heart. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to create content that is both emotionally engaging and biblically sound.”

—Laura McEver, Leading the Way

John’s writing has always been on the mark, scripturally, emotionally, and professionally. There is a stable and dependable quality about his style that keeps me asking for more.”

—Bill Delvaux, Lifeway Christian Resources

“[John’s] knowledge of the Bible and writing skills were such a welcome addition to the team. His part in leading the writing and collaboration of a new book for fundraising initiatives was so successful that the book has been converted into a retail product.”

—Heather Stanfield, Crown Financial Ministries

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